Jonestown Films LLC is an Award Winning Independent Film Company Owned by Founder, Producer, and Director Tory Jones. Several other faces have become synonymous with the brand, helping establish the careers of some of the most talented and hardest working performers in the state of Kentucky.


Jonestown's Humble Beginnings began in 2011 with its debut original film KILLBILLIES. The Over the top, goofy, home invasion flick centered around a family reunion targeted by a gang of backwoods hillbillies. Not living up to Director Tory Jones' expectations, the film would not be released for several years after being completed and premiering.

In 2016, Things kicked up several notches for the better and the course of Jonestown Films changed with the production of THE WICKED ONE. Teaming with Indie Scream Queen Katie Stewart and Stunt Man Extraordinaire Dale Miller, The Wicked One gave rise to a character that has become an underground slasher icon, amassing cosplayers in four different countries. Made as both an homage to slasher films past and to establish his own Masked Killer, Jones enlisted the help of Canadian Artist Grim Stitch Factory to bring to life his menacing killer. The film premiered at Fright Night Film Fest 2016 to a sold out crowd of nearly 600 people, securing several awards that same evening for Best Kentucky Film, Emerging Filmmaker Award, Best Kills, Best Score, Best Stunts, and the Audience Participation Award. The film screened at Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati in March of 2017 to another large crowd and was released worldwide in April 2017 by Distribution Company Dark Cuts Films. The film became the best selling film on their label, selling out its first pressing in under 24 hours. The film single handedly established Tory Jones as a filmmaker to watch in the state of Kentucky.

Later in 2017, Jones teamed up with Jonestown Favs Sonya Delormier, Dale Miller, and Jessica Bloom along with a fresh young cast for production on his indie thriller ANGEL. The film centers around the disappearance of a wealthy contractor's daughter near an abandoned town and the group of investigative journalists hired to look into the town. The film's cinematography, story, and locations became a personal highlight for Jones who has stated Angel was his most enjoyable experience to date making a film. Principal Photography took place at abandoned locations in Eastern Kentucky secured by Jones and Miller. The film premiered Summer 2018 to a large crowd of nearly 400 in Lexington Kentucky at the Historic Lyric Theatre and was acquired by ITN Films for Worldwide Distribution. Angel also secured a Best Director Award for Tory Jones from the Imaginarium Convention. The film is currently available on most On Demand Platforms.

In 2019 Jonestown Films re-teamed Ohio Filmmaker Roman Jossart, Katie Stewart, Dale Miller, and James Tackett for his follow-up to The Wicked One, WICKED ONES. The film was meant to bring a definite conclusion to the character of Colin Miller and finish Miller and Stewart's arcs in the franchise. Both actors received rave reviews for their performances along side Tackett and newcomers Skyler Guthrie, Brandi Botkin and Morgan Pyle. Indie Sensation Jason Crowe and Roni Jonah's performances were also praised. The film premiered October 2020 ironically enough at Fright Night Film Festival to a sold out crowd of 300 people, during the Covid 19 Crisis and Global Pandemic. The film was acquired by Wild Eye Releasing for Worldwide Distribution with a Fall 2021 Release Slated. 

THE CONFESSIONS OF COLIN MILLER, a tie-in to the release of Wicked Ones was released on youtube, showing the horrific origins of a young boy twisted and distorted by the darkness on his way to becoming The Wicked One. This was Jonestown Films' first short film.

In March 2021, Production Kicks off on Jonestown Films' 5th Feature, THEY SEE YOU. A Coming of Age Halloween Flick centered around three young outcast brothers who steal a mysterious board and accidentally unleash a horde of fiendish ghouls onto their town during Halloween. The film is slated for a premiere in October 2021.

For over a decade Jonestown Films continues to be a leader in Independent Film in the State of Kentucky, with a track record of seeing through a project from concept to completion, acquiring distribution, and delivering satisfying Indie stories and content to those who clamor for it.