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JONESTOWN FILMS is pleased to release Part 1 of our Casting Call for our upcoming 7th feature film, "SCREAM FOR SUMMER" After the accidental death of her boyfriend Clay a year prior, Allison "Alli" Albright and her friends set off for a week away on the lake. in an attempt to integrate her back into some semblance of a normal life. Upon arriving to the motel they meet several interesting personalities and soon find themselves targeted by an unknown assailant with an axe to grind.

DATES: Filming is currently slated to take place June 9th- July 1st 2023 (3 Weeks) in the Louisville KY and Danville KY areas. Fluctuating Hours. Schedule is non-negotiable.

AFFILIATION: This is a Non-Union Production. Dependent upon final budget and final cast, this could be subject to change.

COMPENSATION: All positions are paid. Craft Services, Lodging, and some travel expenses are provided. SAG RATES will not apply unless the production opts to a union production.

DETAILS: Filming will take place in and around Lakes and Wooded areas. Individuals who know how to swim is preferred but not mandatory. Most characters will encounter the water at some point during this production. 

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Please Request Sides, Submit Headshots, Resumes, Reels, and Questions to Once Sides have been provided, please be prompt with your video submissions. We recommend submitting video auditions within a week of obtaining sides.


Allison “Alli” Albright- FEMALE (19-21, Any Ethnicity) 

Smart, caring, and thoughtful. Alli’s still trying to recover emotionally from her boyfriend Clay’s accidental drowning a year prior. Hesitant to move on, dealing with her own emotional baggage, and trying really hard to have fun on the lake with her friends. She is conflicted on letting go and moving on.


Gavin Reese- MALE (19-21, Caucasian)

A Sensitive Nerd, Often the butt of his friend’s jokes and teasing. Gavin is Eager to impress Alli, has loved her since the 2nd grade, and is her best guy friend, he just can’t find the right words to tell her. He is messy, complex, shy, yet full of contradictions.


Beka Stone- FEMALE, (17-19, Any Ethnicity)

Quirky, outspoken, and brutally honest. Beka is the most self assured member of her friend group. She is usually the voice of reason and takes charge of any situation. Girlfriend to Bailey


Avery Edwards- MALE, (Early 20’s, Any Ethnicity)

Brash, Witty, Comical, and slightly rude. Avery almost always says something inappropriate or at the wrong time. His sense of humor is mostly funny only to him and he’s always making jokes at his friend’s expense.


Bailey Thompson- FEMALE, (17-19, Any Ethnicity)

A fun loving, outgoing, attractive, and extreme wild card. Bailey is Beka’s girlfriend, who enjoys the thrill of almost getting caught in precarious situations. She excels at everything except being faithful to her girlfriend. That she struggles with.


Mason Lewis- MALE, (17-19; Any Ethnicity)

A goofball, athletic, energetic, and belongs on the front of a magazine. He is slightly self absorbed and oozes confidence. His permed hair is his signature trademark and off limits to touch and to the elements. He may or may not have some secrets of his own with Bailey.


Cooper Wright- MALE (Mid to Late 20’s, Any Ethnicity)

A sly and slick, charming, Party Animal. Cooper and his friends are lake rats, constantly living it up on the water. He takes a liking to Alli, who is intrigued by his throw caution to the wind demeanor. The Wright Family are well known in the area for their "bad boy" reputations.


Jennings Wright- MALE (30’s, Any Ethnicity)

Older brother to Cooper, a mysterious and secretive individual with a dark side. Jennings is involved in some shady dealings and is not the most trustworthy individual. Jennings is the older guy, always hanging with people younger than him, hoping to hang on to his glory days.

Mickey Starks- FEMALE (30’s, Any Ethnicity)

Jennings girlfriend and a bit of a free spirit. Mickey is extremely extroverted, a bit of a partier, with a nag for drunken shenanigans. She is never far from Jennings' side.

Isaac Adler- MALE (40's to 50's, Caucasian)

A widowed, single parent, and owner of Sunset Marina. Isaac Adler's relationship with his son he values above all. He is grizzled, tiresome, and stern, yet possesses compassion and remorse.

Tommy Adler - MALE (17-25, Caucasian)

A youthful spirited young man. Works with his widowed father at the Marina that they own. Tommy is envious of the young people on the lake, enjoying their summer and wishes he could enjoy his youthfulness, longing to just have fun. Feels a responsibility to his father, he's all he has left.

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