Jonestown Films LLC is casting for our feature film “PHANTOM FUN-WORLD” shooting March and April 2022 in the Richmond and Lexington Kentucky area. Must have open availability for those months. This is a Non-Union Production. Compensation, Catering, Travel, and Lodging (When Necessary) will be provided.


Please request sides and send headshots, resumes, reels, or questions to


Phantom Fun-World is the sixth feature film from Director/Producer Tory Jones and Jonestown Films, an award-winning independent film company from Kentucky. The film centers around a group of employees from a local indoor fun park who are targeted by a psycho in the park’s mascot mask.


Kate- 50, Motherly, Emotional, Recovering Addict, desperately trying to reconnect with her children and repair their relationship.


Devin- Male, 16- Mid 20’s, High Energy, Mouthy, Witty, Natural Daredevil and Risk Taker, constantly getting himself in precarious situations and trouble.


Jake- Male, 17- Mid 20’s, Cautious, the Voice of Reason amongst his friends, easily scared or spooked, always calculates the risk, never one to fold under peer pressure.


Jess- Female, 17- Mid 20’s, Chill, go’s with the flow, outgoing and relaxed, hates being pranked or scared by her friends, quick witted


Arthur Ambrose, Age 6- A silent, introverted, bizarre, young boy. Obsessed with the Phantom Character at the fun park, Something is off about Arthur and he grows to become something horrific.


Arthur Ambrose Age 16- completely checked out, oblivious to everything and everyone around him, only cares about Phantom Fun World and the character of The Phantom. Often the product of hazing and bullying, A dark and sinister side he keeps hidden.


Mrs. Ambrose- Female, 50’s, Wife to the creator of Phantom Fun World (Portrayed by Friday the 13th’s Ari Lehman), A woman who has endured a great deal of trauma and grief, protective over her children,


Also Casting For

Police Officer, Paramedic, and News Reporter Roles.